ErikPeter (voxen) wrote,


I bought a standard shitload of D&D miniatures lately. I don't know why. Oh man.

I recently took part in a play-by-forum which worked quite well and was a lot of fun. The DM took screen shots of the battle map and everyone posted their turns. I am thinking of doing something similar, and could use a few interested people. I tried, once, to do a sort-of-D&D thing on line but I hadn't really figured out how it would work. Using a forum handles it quite well, though if I knew a tiny bit of php and had my own web space i'm sure you could do one with a bit more interaction (since it'd be great for players to move their own figures and etc). A google wave might also work well, but there's not a "google drawing" widget which would be perfect. In fact using a plain ol' google doc could be even better, except that there's no way to get it to remind you when there's an update.
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