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games and such

Bought/received some video games lately.

I watched Tom playing Red Dead Redemption for a few minutes at Jason's house. Looked fun, so I picked it up. Even though C.W. told me it was like GTA I wasn't suspecting it to be SO similar. So far all I've done is tiresome newb missions that involve a lot of waiting and following people while they talk. Also, the game seems to have a "Mike vs. Half-Life" hatred of me. Ever since I saved up $50 I've been trying to buy the next location (a saloon in Armadillo) to use as a save point, but every time I head out that way I get killed for some reason or another. First it was a party of bandits.
Then a couple of highwaymen robbing a guy who I tried to assist (being up on a horse makes it easy to get shot).
Then I decided to go to the other town (thieves' landing), couldn't afford that save point, couldn't find a "flat expanse of ground away from roads and water" to camp and fast travel, and wandered around trying to do so until I eventually fell in the river (killing me instantly?!)
Then another bandit. Never stop to help.
Finally, I successfully make it to Armadillo. On the way I had stumbled upon a kidnapper's camp, lassoed him up and untied his victim who gave me a fat reward.. go me! Then I put the kidnapper on my horse and head into town... When I get to the saloon I'm going to buy, a guy is roughing up a woman so I shove him off, he shoots me, I shoot him. Which is apparently enough to turn the entire saloon against me. Soaking up bullets at the door, I kill a guy coming out of the place and (since I haven't saved yet) run for cover, hoping to escape with my life (and the money I've just made), but no, a guy sprints out and guns me down. "Well fuckity fuck" I say politely, and respawn back in the other town. There goes my $75, along with most of my interest in the game.

The first level of Super Mario Galaxy 2 seemed decent. The graphics don't look great in HD though. Ah well.

I decided to give the City of Heroes Going Rogue beta a try, but so far the process of downloading and correctly installing it has taken four hours or so. I realized too late that nothing happens for about a minute when you run the program (oh, of course, why didn't I think of that), and so trying to run three independent copies of it (and shutting down the processes) might have caused problems which it is now "fixing" at 4.5K per second. woo. Maybe I'll restart...

Finally I have tried out some AdultSwim games. Robot Unicorn Attack is a brilliant joke and actually sort of fun too.
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