ErikPeter (voxen) wrote,


Borderlands is quite fun so far. It was exciting to find a shotgun with the added ability of "Holy crap! It fires rockets!" and I gleefully await using the cool rifle i will be able to use once i hit level 19.
The only faults I've encountered seem related to the dual-platform release.  The friends system isn't hooked into Steam's friend list, but instead uses GameSpy. I suppose that's just because it's not a valve game, but at the time I was flubterred by it. I played multi with Lem last night, we had a few problems at first but once each of us had gotten through the tutorial type stuff it seemed to work. Apparently the voice chat support is along the lines of 'on all the time', which we couldn't get to work (maybe talking too quiet), which was a bit frustrating. Skype, or I suppose steam voice chat would be easier, next time. Hopefully we can get a group of 3 or more going. I think I'll run the other two characters through the tutorial stuff just to be available in case that role is taken when we do.

Dinner time.
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