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Double XP/Reactivation Weekend in City of Heroes was a lot of fun. I got to play with quite a few people, and gained quite a few levels with a handful of characters. Now comes the odd process of shopping for cool enhancements and figuring out what powers to focus on.

Even though double XP was over, I had a milestone day today as Completist on Guardian. That's the character I keep at level 10 and collect badges and other lateral achievements with. I did a couple rikti raids and got the Adamant and Celebrity badges. Celebrity requires gaining 500,000 influence over the course of your career and is usually achieved in the mid-20s (as influence rewards increment steadily over time), and getting Adamant means taking a million points of damage, which is pretty much insane for a level 10 to have, but a bit easier to do when sidekicked up to high-level content. Beyond those, the last badge I achieved was The Unwavering, for accumulating and paying off 50,000 debt. Seeing as Level 10 characters get debt in intervals of 160, it means that character has been defeated at least 313 times. (Indoor defeats only count for 80). Games are fun.

20% of the way to my Talsorian Bow. Hot stuff.
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